Analytics Reviews

Why Do an Analytics Review?

In today’s business world, information is power. Ensure that you have the information you need to inform
your marketing and businesses decisions. An analytics review can answer several questions including:

  • Which blog content is most popular
  • Which sources generate the most traffic
  • Where visitors are getting frustrated and leaving your site
  • Which products your customers wished you offered
  • How to entice visitors to become leads
  • If customers are finding what they’re looking for or not
  • Whether you should continue paying for that yellow pages listing, or if you should focus on your blog instead

Examples of Services

Here are some examples of analytics reviews for various scenarios. If none of these scenarios
cover your needs, just let us know. We’ll create a review to help you get the information you need.

Get the Big Picture

If you’ve never had an analytics review before, start by learning about your website’s big picture. You’ll learn about things like:
  • Website traffic trends over time
  • How often your visitors visit your website
  • Where your traffic is coming from
  • How your website can be improved

Stay on Top of Website Performance

Stay up to date on your website with a monthly or quarterly review. Some of the topics we’ll cover include:
  • Whether your traffic is increasing or decreasing
  • Which pages are most popular
  • Which pages are most effective at converting visitors into leads
  • How to get more quality traffic

Find Out Which Marketing Campaigns Bring in Sales

With Google Analytics, it’s possible to see which marketing campaigns bring in inquiries and sales. For example, you could see when someone buys a product after receiving your email newsletter.

But what if a prospect signed up for your email after seeing your ad on Google? Then your Google ad campaign has also assisted in the sale.

We can review your analytics to see which marketing campaigns lead to sales, even indirectly, and which ones are ineffective.

Redesigning Your Website? Design Based on Data.

Ensure your new website is effective from the start by reviewing the data from your original site. You’ll find answers to questions like:
  • Is it worth translating your site into Spanish?
  • Is it important that your website functions in older browsers?
  • Which webpages should you get rid of, and which pages should you keep?
  • Should you list products that aren’t listed on your current site?

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