About Discoverance Marketing

What Our Clients Are Saying

I’ve worked with a lot of different marketing companies before I made the switch over to Discoverance Marketing.

Almost immediately after I switched over, Discoverance reduced my cost per conversion by an incredible 75%. Yep, 75%! I still can’t believe they were able to do that as quickly as they did. It was amazing (not to mention the money I saved) to get a lot more conversions than I previously hoped for.

Discoverance Marketing also reviewed my Google Analytics data with me. They were able to explain the data in simple everyday language that even I could understand. It provided me with great information for my present and future marketing campaigns.

Not only did they look at the data, but they drilled right down to the gold nuggets. And boy, did they ever find those gold nuggets!

I can be pretty skeptical, and I always want to know why we’re doing things, how it works, and what’s going on throughout the campaign. I’ve had other marketing people brush me off or leave me in the dark, but at Discoverance, they held my hand and took their time with me. They keep me posted on my campaigns, and they explain all the technical details until I’m completely comfortable with everything we’re doing.

Thank you for all your great work. I’m looking forward to running our next campaign!

The Busy Educator

Discoverance Marketing Mission

Simply put, Discoverance’s mission is to ensure that your website is helping you to achieve your goals. This might include helping you to get found in the search engines, making your website more user-friendly, or understanding where your best traffic is coming from.

Our Values

Tailor our services to your needs and goals

We love getting results, and we understand that every company’s definition of “results” is different. Your company’s needs and goals will be different from the last client that we worked with, so our methods should be too. We’re here to figure out what you need, and what the best solution is for you.

Drive decisions based on data

We are very lucky to be advertisers in today’s modern world. We now have access to a wealth of data that allows us to track the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, improve results, and lower costs. This allows us to make advertising decisions based on data, instead of speculation.

Strive for excellence

Plain and simple, we believe in doing great work. We want to delve into the nitty-gritty details to make your website or ad campaign the best it can be. Because there’s nothing we love more than getting better results than the last time.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I’m really excited by Discoverance Marketing’s latest strategy to help me find new strategic partners. My website traffic shot up from only a handful of visits, to 100 visits in one day! I have shippers and 3PLs talking to me, and my LinkedIn profile views have doubled. Best of all, it’s a low cost strategy, and I don’t need to be on social media constantly.

Whenever I need them, they’re willing to help. At one point, I had the horrifying experience of losing all of my Outlook files, emails, and contacts, and I didn’t know who to ask for help. Discoverance doesn’t normally offer computer troubleshooting services, but when I called them, they dropped everything until they figured out how to get my data back. I was so relieved, and I was able to get back to work that day.

Overall, I really enjoy our work together and I look forward to working together for a long time!

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